Sunday, 24 July 2011


The Facility Overall Versatile Eyecare Application (FOVEA) is a software built and developed by Temple Computer Systems (TCS) for use in eye clinics and hospitals. The software was developed over a period of two years and has the capacity to handle every activity that takes place in an eye care facility. The programmers who worked on the software were mainly Optometrists and designed it to function in lieu of the eye care staff and assist the eye care professional in his/her duties. 

Some features of FOVEA are:
a. ID card maker
b. Patient electronic database system
c. Electronic history form
d. Appointment maker
e. ChatBoard to allow you communicate with other staff at the eye clinic
f. Webbro II web browser
g. Inventory
h. Drug store
i. Budget
j. Lens status to see which state a lens order is in etc