Thursday, 4 August 2011

Earn over 10000 Ghana cedis a year by using FOVEA 4

Below is a short telephone conversation between a Temple Computer Systems staff (Emma) and doubter of the credentials of FOVEA 4. (Thomas). The intended purpose is to enlighten you on some aspects of FOVEA 4.

EMMA: FOVEA 4 comes after three predecessors namely:
              1. Electronic history form
              2. The Optometrist's Assistant
              3. Personal Digital Assistant for Eye Clinics (PDAEC) that is all there is to know about the software.

THOMAS: I know all about Electronic Medical Record softwares (EMRs). I have used one called Optisoft for over 5 years. And that is certified by top U.K eye clinics as the programme of choice for serious eye care practitioners.  I bought that for over $6000 that is about 8000 Ghana cedis. It has saved me money on printing. And I really like it. So why should I use FOVEA???

EMMA: What you are saying is true, any serious Optometrist, optician etc in the U.K has used Optisoft before. Yet FOVEA is different. Let me ask you this, have you ever saved more than 1000 Cedis on printing whiles using OPTISOFT????


EMMA: Good. Now let me tell you something for a fact. By using FOVEA 4, you can save over 1000 Ghana cedis in cash every year on printing.

THOMAS: That is possible. In fact, in the next two years I will break even ie the money I used to buy Optisoft would balance with how much I have saved on printing costs.

EMMA: Good. Now, Dr. Thomas apart from saving money on printing, has Optisoft ever earned you extra money?

THOMAS: No. But that is is impossible. I only earn money from my consulting, dispensing, drug sales and the sort. How can a software earn me money??? That is excuse me to say a lie. Are you a 419 person??? You can tell me that FOVEA will save me money but for it to earn me money???!!!! That is a joke.

EMMA: Hmmmm. I dont mean to disrespect you, but I kind of understand why you are called Thomas now. You are a doubter.

THOMAS: Be careful. You may force me to end the call.

EMMA: Patience sir. Now let me tell you how. By using the Smart Integrated Financial System (r), of your FOVEA, you can earn at least 10000 cedis ie 100 million old Ghana cedis every year. I can only show you if you decide to buy the software.  But it is a fact that some clinics earn over 20000 Ghana cedis every year because of FOVEA.

THOMAS: That is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!

EMMA: It may seem to you. Let me just give you a gist. Because of the email system incorporated into the software, no patient can miss the appointment, you will never have drugs that will expire in your drug store, your staff cannot steal your products. Every single sale is well document.

THOMAS: That sound good. So are you telling me that, the above alone will earn you that much. Just through vigilance???

EMMA: In a way. But there is secret about FOVEA 4. There is a real deal that will actually earn you the greater part of the money. But I can only tell you when I see you.

THOMAS: That sounds exciting. So you are telling me that if I buy this software, I will be able to get back the money I used to buy it in 6 months????

EMMA: Yes and maybe in a lesser time. Now if your clinic is to last for 20 years that means that this software will earn you 10000 cedis X 20years = 200000 ie 2 BILLION GHANA CEDIS. And this is calculated using the low estimates.

THOMAS: WOW. What about the worse case scenario???

EMMA: Well, that can only happen if you allow it to. But in that case the calculations will be

1000 cedis X 20 years = 20000 ie 200 MILLION CEDIS.


THOMAS: What about the best case scenario?

EMMA: That cannot be calculated. The sky is the limit for that. But if I may attempt to do some calculation using low estimates. If you FOVEA earns you 20000 cedis a year, then
20000 cedis X 20 years = 400000 ie FOUR BILLION GHANA CEDIS.

THOMAS: Okay, come to my office on the appointed day. But if I may ask how much is it going for??

EMMA: Good question. Judging from all that I have told you, how much do you think it should be sold for??????

THOMAS: I think if I am to be fair, it will be a little above what I paid for OPTISOFT ie 8000 Ghana cedis. Judging from the fact that it can both SAVE AND EARN me money.

EMMA: You are a fair man. But FOVEA is so so much less expensive. The price is actually just......

MTN: You have no call credit in you MTN account. Please recharge........ LOL.

The above is very true. You can check Optisoft's prices on their website on
The current Optisoft software for only patient management is going for 1295 pounds. That is over 3000 Ghana cedis. Putting together the whole OPTISOFT Suite, the price is over 10000 Ghana cedis. If you doubt do the calculation from their website.
The true calculation of some of OPTISOFT's features is as follows:

TOTALLING 4775 POUNDS ie 11460 Ghana cedis that is about 120 million cedis for a software that does less than FOVEA 4.

Yet FOVEA does more than the entire OPTISOFT suit put together. And as if that is not enough, it also earns you BIG CHASH......

Why not join eye care facilities in Ghana that have decided to go paperless to save mother earth whiles SAVING money on Printing and EARNING Big Cash.....

In concluding, let me say that all the above is again limited to one branch. So if your eye facility has more than a branch... you do the maths. For example if you have 2 branches, you will be making double and in some cases triple the amounts calculated above be it using the worst, normal or best case scenarios. 


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